Simplifying Payroll

Did you know there are three ways that you can calculate how much tax to deduct each pay period.? Three!

  1. Using the weekly, semi-monthly or monthly tax-table.
  2. Averaging
  3. Annualized

Combining machine learning with our custom algorithms, Team Fifteen is able to identify many types of timecard and payroll fraud, alerting you automatically when it identifies suspicious behavior or data.

Many offer one-click payroll, but we take it one step further. Buy using machine learning, our algorithms generate payroll for you - before you even ask. It's sent to your email inbox, all with zero clicks

Offering a total-solution timekeeping tool, you can track employee time and attendance and even load data from your biometric device.

Our subscriptions come included with an HRIS so your payroll and employee data can be stored in one place.

Get rid of email requests and track all internal requests for support departments, such as asking for a Certificate of Employment, using our online ticketing/work order system.

Payroll Philippines
Philippines Payroll

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