Payroll System Philippines

We've got the payroll system for the Philippines you've been looking for. With ever-changing mandatory rules and regulations, Philippine payroll can be tedious and overwhelming.

But... it doesn't have to be.

Payroll System Philippines

If you have been searching for payroll system philippines, you've come to the right place.

At Clear Mile, we are in the business of payroll. You can use our payroll outourcing service or use our payroll system to run payroll on your own.

Either way, there are so many great reasons for work with us to address your payroll needs.

Payroll System Philippines

A next generation payroll system


Many of our clients use our system as a stand-alone timekeeping tool, with Other clients have integrated their biometric device or door access cards into our system so that timekeeping entries automatically appear on employee time cards.

Supervisor Approvals

Approving leave, manual time entries, and overtime has never been this easy. The supervisor's timekeeping dashboard summarizes all approval requests and provides context (for example, a manual punch approval will alert the supervisor if the employee has a history of this) so that a supervisor can make an informed decision.

Super-fast payroll

Once all timesheets have been approved and special instructions loaded, payroll is as simple as one-click. You'll even receive a narration report that uses machine learning to identify any timekeeping or payroll related issues you need to know about.

Payroll System Philippines
Supervisor Approvals
Fast, one-click payroll processing in the Philippines
Employee Engagement

Use the social-media style timeline for posting company announcements, celebrating success, acknowledging employees and sharing new policies. You can also track employee satisfaction using our "How are you feeling?" survey tool.


We've got more reports that you'll ever need and if you need something specific, we can build a custom report for you. Both government and operational reports are generated by the system.


Never lose track of support requests again. Employees can file online fro COE requests and so much more.

Social-media style timeline
Screenshot of tickets

What we aim for


Being trustworthy and performing well consistently


The will to take charge before others do, resolve a problem, improve a situation

Sense of Responsibility & Urgency

Being aware and owning your obligations, and recognizing the importance of time


The will to improve and exceed expectations constantly


Having consistent and repeatable ways of doing things while ensuring quality


Our support team to be easily reachable, and our software to be easily understood by our valued customers

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