It's a bold claim to make if you say you are the best payroll software in the Philippines...

Why might we be the best payroll software?

For companies with less than 50 employees, Clear Mile won't be the best payroll software for you. There are many others out there that are more suited to smaller companies and a few of them are even free for small companies.

The best payroll software in the Philippines for companies that have more than 50 employees is a very different story. Yes, payroll can be automated but the real benefit lies in the ability to change the way payroll is run, to implement new procedures that would not have been possible when payroll was done manually.

Put simply, the best payroll system will significantly improve the accuracy and integrity of payroll by adding automated payroll audits, leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning?

What's this machine learning that we keep hearing about?

You can read the long and boring version on Wikipedia at machine learning but that's too much detail. When it comes to payroll system philippines, machine learning is used by the software to watch any manual adjustments, timecard changes and other human interaction so it can learn from it and attempt to make the changes by itself in the future.

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