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Finn is more than just payroll software…

Get everything or just the modules you need.

Reduce employee resignations

When you have zero payroll disputes every cutoff, employees are happy and happy employees are less likely to resign.

Track attendance via the online timesheet

There is no need to purchase new biometric devices as you can import time-in and time-out entries from almost any device, door access tracking, or computer login records.

Track time-in and time-out using our web-based time clock.

Apply for leave and overtime online

Employees are able to submit online applications for leave and overtime via their online timesheet. Timekeeping rules prevent invalid overtime, such as overtime that is unsupported by time-in and time-out records.

Electronic payslips

Publish payslips online with an option to allow PDF email delivery. Read receipts for each payslip are logged for compliance.

Supervisor dashboards

A feature rich supervisor dashboard:

  • Today's attendance for all direct reports weekly trends for tardiness, absenteeism, and undertime.
  • Alerts for employees who were late or have not arrived for a scheduled shift.
  • Pending approvals for leave, overtime, and manual time-in/time-out entries.

Out-of-office approvals

Permit a colleague to approve leave and overtime requests when you are out-of-the-office on leave.

Effortless team timesheet approvals

Approve the timesheets of your team in just a few clicks using the pay period summary view where all timekeeping data is in one place.

Employee profiles and 201 File Management

Get rid of paper-based 201 files and reduce the workload of HR by allowing employees to upload their own 201 file documents using the new-hire self-service module.

Hundreds of system reports

Easily find the right report or get a report customized for your specific needs.


Attendance, demographic, attrition and payroll insights are instantly available from a series of dashbaords.

Awesome Payroll Registers

Smart payroll registers that make verification simple with an inbuilt assistant that will tell you when it detects unexpected results that you should investigate.

Client Invoicing

BPO and manpower companies can use the invoicing module to automate the data extraction and validation of billable hours for use in client invoices.

Payroll Mission Control

Everything you need to run payroll and ensure accurate and on-time bank deposits.

Finn will significantly reduce the current workload of payroll, supervisors and employees. What will you do with that extra time?

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